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About Paul

My specialist subject is ICT/Computer Science.

I started teaching in Northumberland, but have since taught in Bedfordshire (as an IT school strategy leader), Warwickshire as a head of a busy IT/Computer Science faculty and from September 2017 will be helping to start a brand new school in Oxfordshire.

Ever since I started teaching I've loved creating my own resources, I've always used a Mac and spent hours making resources that I think are as good looking as they are functional.

The resources on this site came from my time spent mentoring fellow teachers.

I've created resources that could be used in ANY subject, in any school to improve teaching and learning practice.

Now the resources have been professionally manufactured by Silvine (check the back of almost any excersise book, you'll see their name) and can be bought here online quickly, safely and easily.

Now that is exciting! Happy Shopping!




Head of Faculty

Resources Designer

Ideas take shape...

For a long time the resources I made were printed, photocopied and then being cut into strips using a ruler (occasionally scissors if I had time). Now the resources have gone from photocopies to perfectly formed useful resources for every teacher... is a part of

About the

Product range

A very brief introduction to each resource in the range.


These slips have to be any teachers starting point when they want some useful AFL in their lessons. Using the simple 'What went well? Even better if' structure, these bright slips get learners self and peer reviewing with no fuss!


Questioning is key to learners really progressing in their learning. These bright and colourful slips are designed to make learners pause and question things. Easy to use and great to stretch and challenge able learners!


The 'what went well...' model is an easy to use and really useful AFL tool, but sometimes you want learners to peer or self assess using clear criteria. I created these simple but effective slips to help you do just that in any lesson.


Simple idea - write down what today is about, what you want to learn or what has to 'stick'! A great tool to keep learners focused by referring back to during a lesson.


I wanted bright colourful slips that would stand out at the start of a project and show clearly to learners the key words they would be expected to use in their work. These jump off the page at you and the learners love them!


Progress slips came from a conversation in which I was asked 'How can learners prove they met the objective?' My answer was a quick review slip which my learners love to use to show me how smart they are.


I wanted a resource that would allow learners to not just record their key vocabulary but also demonstrate their ability to use the vocabulary correctly to show understanding.