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What does the teachershop offer teachers, learners and schools?


Resources for teachers to download and use instantly in their classrooms to support learners with everything from assessment to timestables.

#5MinPlan Packs

The amazing #5MinPlan teachers A4 Planner.

Resources designed to support teachers and learners with Assessment, Vocabulary, Reflection and Questioning.


Whole School offers

Special deals designed for schools that want to support their whole staff body with #5MinPlan planners/resources.

About the Teachershop and #5MinPlan resources

The #5MinPlan resources started out as slips of paper that  I made for my own classroom after attending a course reflecting on what really was 'Outstanding' teaching. I was a very busy Computer Science teacher in a Bedfordshire secondary school at the time.

The resources became a bit of a hit with my colleagues when I shared them across my school and on the TES site.

I pitched them (not unlike a certain TV show) to a school stationery company (Silvine) with two requests:

  1. They have to remain functional, versatile and colourful.
  2. They have to be manufactured in a way that makes them affordable for teachers and schools.

Fast forward a few years and I have collaborated with @TeacherToolkit to improve the range and make the #5MinPlan A4 Planner available to teachers.

Take a look around the site, check out the resources and the growing 'Pedagogy' page!

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