#5MinPlan Vocabulary

How to... #5MinPlan Vocabulary

A great way to help students build their vocabulary use in your lessons.

One of the great activities I've seen teachers deliver with these is a starter activity. Slips were on students desks as they entered the room and instructions on the board asked learners to list the key words from a previous lesson.

Learners then had to complete the slip by choosing one word to write a definition of and another to use in a sentence (they set a stretch task too 'use as many of the words as you can in a sensible sentence') this activity was praised by staff who were observing the teacher (an NQT in Bedfordshire) deliver their lesson.

Meeting the teaching standards...

Meet the following teaching standards by regularly using the #5MinPlan Vocabulary slips in your lessons:

  • Standard 2: Give students regular feedback and encourage pupils to respond to the feedback.
  • Standard 3: Promoting high standards of English.
  • Standard 4: Develop understanding through effective use of lesson time.
  • Standard 5: Use and evaluate distinctive teaching approaches to engage and support learners.

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